Fire resistant insulation for flat roofs

Powerdeck is made specifically for flat roofs, and is made of Taufoam by Recticel. Thanks to the unique cell structure of the foam, the building insulated with this material is safe, even in case of fire.

Powerdeck has received an FM Approval Class 1 certification for different roof systems. To determine this certification, FM Global evaluates not just the insulation, but the entire roof construction using large-scale and realistic fire testing. In addition to its flame resistant characteristics, it also tests wind resistance as well as the product's mechanical characteristics. You can therefore rest assured that the entire roof construction is flame-resistant with Powerdeck.

The ultra-thin flat roof insulation for every insulation need

High-end insulation is always very advantageous. The added cost of better insulation often pays for itself in a short time, thanks to the lower energy bills.

Thanks to the low lambda value (0.024 W/mK), you can insulate better - and thinner - with Powerdeck. A thinner insulation panel offers you considerable savings. This way, you can use shorter (i.e. less expensive) screws, and the volume of insulation materials to be transported is cut in half. There is not only a reduction in road transportation, but also with regards to vertical and horizontal transport - there is less going back and forth up to the roof, and thus less time spent in that respect. With Powerdeck, you always win.

Powerdeck: light material, quick installation

A durable, high-quality insulation material does not have to be heavy! Powerdeck only weighs 30 kg/m³. Powerdeck's low weight ensures that the total weight of the complete roof remains limited. This approach offers a definite advantage in the construction of the supporting structure. The roofer's job is made a lot more comfortable as well. With Powerdeck, he won't be lifting much weight, even if the insulation requirement calls for twice as much.

Moreover, Recticel Insulation is able to deliver panels in measurements that are twice as large as other insulation materials. The weight per panel remains limited, as always. The standard measurements are from 1200 mm to 2500 mm. Thus, the number of seams or joints is greatly reduced. Also, this guarantees a quick and simple installation. With Powerdeck, you make progress.

Powerdeck: a walkable roof

Powerdeck has an outstanding and durable compression strength (min. 150 kPa). Also, the panels have excellent ability to keep their form. Thus, the roof remains perfectly walkable, not just during the construction phase, but also afterwards for maintenance and other work needs. The insulation is not subject to indentation, thus avoiding permanent spots for rainwater to pool in. This has a positive effect on the lifespan of the roof covering and reduces the chance of leaks. Powerdeck can be installed under mechanically attached double-layer bituminous or single-ply synthetic roof coverings. With Powerdeck, you can walk on your roof in the future without a care.

A choice for Powerdeck is a choice for quality

Those who choose Powerdeck insulation for flat roofs choose durable insulation of the highest quality, produced with respect for people and the environment. By the way, did you know that Recticel Insulation is the only manufacturer of hard insulation panels with Keymark certification? Keymark is an extra, voluntary label that stands for quality. This label guarantees that the production and product characteristics (indicated on the CE label) are tested and audited on a permanent basis by an externally recognised institute. The production of these panels occurs in accordance with ISO 9001. You are therefore always assured of outstanding quality with Powerdeck roof insulation.

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