Eurothane Bi-4A

Durable insulation for flat roofs, with an excellent insulation value

Eurothane Bi-4A is a Eurothane Bi-4 insulation with a slope so that rainwater can be drained away completely. Eurothane Bi-4A sloped panels require correct installation. To help you with this, we can create a slope plan and quantity take-off (QTO).

The Eurothane Bi-4A is a durable insulation product for flat roof and slope applications, with an improved insulation value of λD 0,026 W/mK covered on both sides with bituminised glass fibre with virtually no dusting for easier installation.

Dimensions:  600 x 1200mm

Thickness               RD (m²K/W)     
30 mm 1,15
40 mm 1,50
50 mm 1,90
60 mm 2,30
70 mm 2,65
80 mm 3,05
(91 mm)* 3,50
100 mm 3,80
120 mm 4,60
(140 mm)* 5,35

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