Powerdeck F A

Fire resistant insulation for flat roofs and angled roofs

Powerdeck F A is made specifically for flat roofs, with Taufoam by Recticel as the core material. Thanks to the unique cell structure of the foam, the building insulated with this material is safe, even in case of fire.

A choice for Powerdeck is a choice for quality

Those who choose Powerdeck insulation for flat roofs choose durable insulation of the highest quality, produced with respect for people and the environment. By the way, did you know that Recticel Insulation is the only manufacturer of hard insulation panels with Keymark certification? Keymark is an extra, voluntary label that stands for quality. This label guarantees that the production and product characteristics (indicated on the CE label) are tested and audited on a permanent basis by an externally recognised institute. The production of these panels occurs in accordance with ISO 9001. You are therefore always assured of outstanding quality with Powerdeck roof insulation.

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