The Keymark quality label

All Recticel Insulation solutions are 100% Keymark certified.

All Recticel insulations are 100% Keymark certified.  

Recticel Insulation only offers you insulation products of a high quality. But that’s quite easy to say. For that reason, we undergo on a yearly basis – and totally voluntary – very strict external quality

checks. In this way, we are continuously audited and we have to prove that we deliver quality products at any time. We do this with pleasure. And with success, as we already have the

independent and by CEN recognized Keymark label since 2003.


No quality, no Keymark


The Keymark is a European quality label that is assigned to producers by recognized, independent experts. What is the difference with the CE-label? Whoever wishes to launch a product on the European market, should at least comply to the CE-norms. All products basically have this obliged conformity label, the better as well as the less good ones.

But how can you distinguish the high qualitative products? Thrust on a more stringent quality label… as Keymark.




· An obliged conformity label

· Only covers the essential European demands

· No quality label

· No requirements regarding specific production characteristics


· An independent, voluntary label

· A strong quality label

· Broad European recognition

· Managed by the European and Belgian certifying organizations

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